A Weekend of Sport! UGP Staff Embrace Sporting Challenges for Charity

Packetts Tour and Leeds Marathon

This past weekend, members of United Gas & Power (UGP) went above and beyond, tackling remarkable sporting feats all in the name of charity. From cycling through the picturesque Yorkshire Dales to conquering marathons under the blazing sun, their efforts were nothing short of inspiring.

Tour De Dales 2024: Cycling for a Cause

Chris Holmes, representing UGP, embarked on the grueling Tour De Dales 2024, a challenging 220 km ride over two days, from Saltaire to Masham and back. This endurance test wasn't just about pushing physical limits; it was about supporting the invaluable work of One In A Million - a charity dedicated to helping children from some of the poorest areas of our region.

In Chris's own words, "The ride will be a massive challenge for me...really pushing me to go beyond my limits!" Despite never having ridden close to 100km in a day, Chris embraced the challenge with determination, training rigorously leading up to the event. His commitment to the cause and willingness to step out of his comfort zone exemplify the spirit of giving back.

Leeds Rob Burrows Marathon & Jane Tomlinson Half Marathon: Running with Heart

Meanwhile, in central Leeds, another group of UGP heroes took to the streets to run. Tom Broughton tackled his first-ever marathon, honoring his late friend James Brook, who bravely fought a rare cancer. Tom's resilience and dedication were evident as he conquered one of the toughest courses in the UK, all while raising funds for a cause close to his heart – Candleighters – a charity that supports children and their families with Cancer.

Kirk Mavraki and Emma Breslin, also from UGP, embraced the challenge of the Jane Tomlinson Half Marathon, crossing the finish line with radiant smiles.

The support didn't end with the finish line. Throughout the weekend, fellow UGP colleagues rallied behind their teammates, cheering them on every step of the way. From training sessions to race day, the camaraderie and solidarity among UGP staff reflects a shared commitment to local charitable causes and reaching personal goals.

To Chris, Tom, Kirk, Emma, and all the supporters who stood alongside them, your dedication and generosity are truly commendable. Together, you have proven that by embracing challenges, we can create positive change in our communities and achieve things we never though possible. Here's to more weekends filled with sports, solidarity, and giving back.