Navigating Rising Energy Costs: Guidance for UK Businesses

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In the face of rising energy prices, numerous UK businesses are grappling with mounting bills. At UGP, we understand these challenging times, and we're committed to extending our support to every business in need. In this blog, we’ll delve into actionable steps businesses can take to weather this storm.

1. Connect with Your Energy Supplier

Before diving into drastic changes, reach out to your energy provider. At UGP, we encourage dialogue. Here's why:

  • Direct Debit Payments: This simple switch can help businesses manage their energy costs efficiently and sidestep late payment penalties.
  • Reassess Your Contract: Unexpectedly high rates might stem from out-of-contract rates. Engaging in a fixed contract might avail you of better rates.
  • Advice on Energy Management: Knowledge is power. Gaining insights into energy conservation can bring about significant savings. Your energy supplier can be an invaluable guide.

2. Explore Government Support

The UK government has rolled out several relief initiatives to help businesses. For comprehensive details and resources, we recommend

3. Engage with Financial Charities

If you're grappling with soaring energy bills or other financial pressures, there are charitable organisations ready to assist:

  • Grants Online: This free service can offer a glimpse into available grants.
  • Let’s Talk: Delve into the funds provided by certain charities and learn the ropes of application.
  • Business Debtline: Offering both over-the-phone and live web chat services, they provide invaluable advice on business debt and budgeting.
  • Citizens Advice: This organisation provides a plethora of resources, including specialised guidance for businesses wrestling with energy expenses.

4. Take Charge of Your Energy Consumption

Seizing control of your energy use can lead to appreciable savings:

  • Conduct an Energy Audit: By pinpointing where and how energy is consumed, you can identify potential areas of waste.
  • Embrace Automated Metering: By installing devices that track and communicate your consumption data in real-time, you can gain an in-depth understanding of your energy patterns. This paves the way for more informed decisions and prevents the pitfalls of estimated bills.
  • Implement Energy-Efficient Practices: A few simple changes can lead to significant savings:
    • Opt for LED bulbs.
    • Install sensors to manage lighting effectively.
    • Make a habit of switching off appliances and lights post-business hours.
    • Explore smart thermostatic controls to optimise heating in your premises.
  • Consider Load Shifting: By reallocating electricity consumption from peak times to off-peak hours, you can reap financial benefits while reducing the strain on the grid.

At United Gas & Power, our commitment is to you. We're here to help, to guide, and to ensure that every business thrives, irrespective of market challenges. Don't hesitate to reach out to us; together, we can navigate these turbulent waters. Call us on 0800 669 6697, and let's discuss the best energy solutions tailored for your business.