Plans In For Standby Power Facility

UGP reports on Plans In For Standby Power Facility


Plans have been submitted for a standby power generation facility in North Yorkshire, which would supply electricity to the National Grid at times of high demand.

Pegasus Group, on behalf of Energi Generation, has lodged an application with Harrogate Borough Council for a site in the village of Wormald Green, within the Monkton Mains Estate.

Planning consent is sought for a standby generation facility comprising 20 gas utilisation engines.

It would have a total capacity of 20 megawatts (MW) and would be contractually capped at 2,500 hours per year, with generating hours expected to be clustered between the months of November and February.

The facility would provide power to the National Grid to enable it to manage unforeseen demand and provide back-up power in times of high usage.

A planning statement submitted with the plans said: "At 0.25 hectares (0.62 acres) the proposed facility is small in scale and relatively low level and has been carefully designed and engineered to sit and fit within an under utilised parcel of land within the wider farm holding.

"It is envisaged that the gen set engines will primarily become operational for very short periods in the evenings, especially in the winter months, when the national grid calls upon reserve electricity to balance out the 'real time' gap between the increased demand and shortage of supply of electricity and thus avoid localised blackouts." 

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