Power Station for Scarborough?

Power Station for Scarborough?

A low carbon electricity reserve could be built in Scarborough to help ease pressures on the National Grid at times of high demand.

ForePower Ltd has applied for planning permission to build a “Small Scale Electricity Generation Plant for the Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)” at land at Queen Margaret’s Industrial Estate.

It also wants to build a Battery Energy Storage System(BESS) on another part of the site.

It was granted permission last year for both but has now revised the layout of the scheme, in particular, the access.

The planning application states: “The sites would produce low carbon electricity that would help support the local grid in the area and would support keeping the lights on and industry operational at all times in the local area with the location chosen due to its proximity to the local electricity distribution network and access, if required to the gas distribution system.

The National Grid calls on STOR facilities in periods of high demand.

However, there are currently fewer than 1 STOR calls a day, meaning the facility is likely to be lightly used.

The applicant adds that when operating the site will not generate “any noise of emissions.”

Original Article: https://www.yorkshirecoastradio.com/news/local-news/2646082/power-station-for-scarborough/