SSE Nears 2GW Onshore

SSE Nears 2GW Onshore

SSE is closing in on 2GW of installed onshore wind capacity in the UK and Ireland, according to a new company report documenting 10 years of green growth.

The ‘A decade of clean growth: SSE’s contribution to the onshore wind revolution’ report said capacity totalled 1917MW as of June this year, a three-fold increase since 2008.

SSE said it estimated £3.9bn of value added to the UK and Irish economies as a result of onshore wind investments.

A decade of green growth had also led to around 67,000 years of full-time employment across the UK and Ireland, it added.

SSE director of generation development Paul Cooley said: “We wanted to understand just how our expansion of onshore wind over the past 10 years has benefited the UK and Ireland and this report shows just what a positive impact our onshore wind portfolio has had, not just on the environment and on the economy, but on real people in their real lives.”

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