Stop Food Waste Day 2021: Six Top Prevention Tips from UGP

Stop Food Waste Day 2021: Six Top Prevention Tips from UGP

Stop Food Waste Day is an international day of action in the fight against food waste which is a serious and growing problem. Roughly one-third of the food produced globally is either lost or wasted every year. Food waste has become a severe epidemic across the world due to a lack of understanding of how to effectively use food and conserve it. Food waste, however, can be stopped.

Food waste is central to some of the key challenges facing the world today, including hunger and poverty, climate change, health and wellbeing and the sustainability of agriculture and oceans. Stop Food Waste Day aims to change the statistics of food waste, continuing to decrease it over time. Eventually, the holiday hopes to help those in need get the food they need and stop landfills from filling over.

Today, 45% of root crops, fruit, and vegetables produced globally are wasted per year as well as 33% of all food produced globally. With those percentages, there is a significant food waste epidemic that people are globally facing. So, what can we do about it?

1) Freeze Leftovers

Your freezer space maybe tight so consider removing a drawer you’d be surprised the space it allows to stack tupperware!

2) Make a List

You’ll only buy what you need, and this will help to conserve food usage.

3) Get Creative

Experiment with what you have in the fridge, it’s easy to throw together a tasty soup.

4) Batch Cook

Cooking one meal in large quantities ensures you always have a meal ready to go, you use the ingredients you have in and you will really notice the savings!

5) Check Out Supermarkets Mark Down's

Look for items marked down as they are about to expire, when bought on the day you can usually still freeze to use at a later date - you could also grab some bargains.

6) Be Mindful of Dates

If you prefer to shop large and less often then you need to prioritise dates, plan to eat whatever is going out of date first or freeze it! Most items will advise if it can be frozen and even cook from frozen.

Businesses can be more mindful too, if you provide milk and any other perishables to your staff ensure you don’t over or under order. If you over order you will end up wasting and throwing away but if you underorder you will end up running out and having to buy more which may also go to waste! You can also get involved in Stop Food Waste Day by visiting the website here and downloading posters to put up in your offices etc.

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