The UK’s ban on diesel and petrol cars: get your business ready

The UK’s ban on diesel and petrol cars: get your business ready

On Tuesday this week, the Prime Minister announced the ban on the sale of all new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars (including plug-in hybrids) from 2035; five years earlier than was previously planned. The ban, which will mean consumers will only be able to buy electric or hydrogen cars and vans from 2035, comes in the wake of new expert predictions that the UK will not be able to achieve its zero-carbon emission target by 2050 if the country waits until 2040 for the ban to commence.

One of the major stumbling blocks in anticipation of the 2035 ban will be the UK’s charging infrastructure. There have been a number of government incentives to improve the nation’s charging network and this has resulted in substantial growth, from only a few hundred public charging stations in 2011 to more than 10,600 at the start of this year providing 29,700 charge points.

However, despite the growth of the UK charging network, quick access to convenient charging points is still the key concern for car purchasers and no clear solution has been provided for how the UK’s millions of apartment residents or those without off street parking, will cope once EV’s become a way of life.

The role of the employer in the uptake of electric vehicles across the UK is vital. The workplace is one of the key locations (second only to the home), where vehicles tend to be parked for long periods of time, representing the ideal opportunity for charging, especially for those who do not live in properties with off-street parking.

Why businesses should consider installing EV charging stations now…

1. Employee Engagement & Attraction

Having access to workplace charging is a leading-edge benefit that sets organisations apart from competitors, playing a key role in both the attraction and retention of great people. What’s more, in the years to come, charging facilities at the workplace will become a necessity – not simply a “nice to have” as they currently are.

For property owners and developers in particular, planning ahead for EV charging stations will be critical in their ability to remain relevant and competitive as a properties’ value is enhanced to buyers and renters.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

Currently, transport is the UK’s most polluting sector, representing over a third of the UK’s C02 emissions. Transport is also the major cause of air pollution in cities and costs the UK in the region of £6bn per year.

Installing EV charging points at the workplace is a powerful, visible carbon reduction initiative. Organisations who install charging points make a physical demonstration of their commitment to sustainability and make a powerful, positive impression on the employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that visit their premises.

3. Incentives for Company Car Fleets

To date, over 70% of plug-in hybrid cars purchased in the UK have been bought by company fleets. Falling purchase prices, environmental factors and tax incentives make EVs the logical choice for many company car and van fleets.

Electric vehicles are also cheaper to run than their petrol or diesel equivalents and fleet maintenance costs can be significantly less due to EVs having less moving parts than traditional engines. Across large fleets of cars, the savings can be significant.

Additionally, government planned initiatives such as Clean Air Zones and Ultra-Low Emissions Zones across a number of UK locations will result in increasingly high costs for traditional petrol and diesel vehicles moving in and around cities.

4. Early Adopter Benefits

Government grants are available for early adopters of car charging station installations. The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) reduces the purchase and installation cost of a new workplace charging station by up to 75% and personal grants are also available for private installation when purchasing an electric car or van. As the UK charging network expands, it’s unlikely these incentives will remain in place indefinitely.

How UGP can help

If you’re interested in discussing the options for installing an EV Charging Station at your workplace or commercial property, we’d like to talk to you.

At United Gas & Power, our specialist advisors can help with everything from your initial consultation to determine your needs, advising/supporting you through the funding process as well as all aspects of installation, account management and support.

Call us on 0800 669 6697 and we’ll be delighted to discuss your options in detail with you.

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