Will a blue government mean the UK turns green?

Will a blue government mean the UK turns green?
As yesterday’s election results were announced, and it became clear that the Tories would enjoy a landmark win, the results have been met with relief from the EU and global markets. The clear, decisive majority decision undoubtedly settled opinions of uncertainty and volatility and the pound is currently trading near a three-and-a-half year high against the euro and an 18-month high against the dollar.

While publicity surrounding the PM’s tenure will undoubtedly focus heavily on his handling of the Brexit deal, as an energy business committed to environmental sustainability, we wonder what impact yesterday’s blue land slide will truly have on our country’s green agenda.

While the Conservatives original energy manifesto made a number of promises covering everything from emissions to fracking and investment in renewable infrastructure investment, on Wednesday, Boris Johnson pledged large scale investment in green technologies, which on the surface goes far beyond those promised in the earlier stages of the campaign. Johnson pledged:

  • that in the future every household would be within 30 miles of an electric vehicle charging points following a £500m investment in a fast charging network;
  • a new target for offshore wind power capacity – from 30GW to 40GW by 2030, creating 9,000 new jobs;
  • an £800m investment in technology that captures carbon dioxide gas emissions from fossil fuels
  • to spend £500 helping energy intensive industries reduce their emissions

Asserting his stance on a greener future for Britain, in his victory speech, Johnson promised to make the UK “the cleanest, greenest country on earth with the most far-reaching environmental programme”. Whatever your political views, Johnson’s “green industrial revolution”, if it comes to fruition as promised, could help the UK to make great strides towards a more sustainable future.

As a business energy supplier, committed to the principles of environmental sustainability, we believe that significant and far reaching change is needed at a legislative, corporate and individual level. We believe that it is our duty to take our impact on our wider world seriously, and we’ll be watching intently to see whether Johnson’s green revolution promise comes to fruition.

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