"I have recently joined UGP as a Partner Relationship Manager and I can say without any reservations that I have made a very good decision. I was approached directly for the role which was refreshing and the whole recruitment process was professional and an enjoyable experience. I am in my second week and the induction, people and overall experience is exactly as it was depicted when i was offered the role. Looking forward to a long relationship of growth with UGP."

"The best thing about working for UGP? The people; I enjoy coming to work every day because you never know what’s going to happen"

"The best thing about working for UGP? This is a tricky question as there are a lot of positives! I suppose I will have to go with the people. We really are like a family and many friendships have been made over the years."

"The best thing about working for UGP? The whole office vibe, an upbeat and fun environment to work in, with genuine management commitment to help you succeed."

"The best thing about working for UGP? The people and the company. You get rewarded for the work you put in and the guys that work with make the day to day monotonous routine more enjoyable."

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