Chris Broadbent, Head of Sales

Leeds born and bred and reside in Methley.  I have 2 beautiful girls, 2 cats and I’ve been married to Liz for nearly 12 years.  I’m full of energy (no pun intended) and don’t need much sleep…. Plenty of time for that when your dead!  I left University with a degree in Business from Leeds Met but would have much rather have been a footballer, although breaking your leg twice in 6mths when your 16 doesn’t overly help that ambition.  I like to think I’m funny and have a good sense of humour (although the wife may disagree), I’m loyal in both business and in my personal life, ambitious and want to live life in the “right way”. However, I over think sometimes, can be impatient and sometimes try to do too many things at once…I’m also the world’s worst at DIY.

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