Mohammad Hafeez, Co-Founder

As co-founder of United Gas & Power, Mohammad is a business entrepreneur with a passion for creating businesses that challenge industry conventions and push market boundaries. With over 12 years experience in the UK energy sector, Mohammad previously ran an energy brokerage company with colleague and co-founder of UGP, Ross Taylor. As part of the “founders” team at UGP, Mohammad works closely with the other founding members to help drive the strategy, direction and growth of the business.

As a firm believer in values-based business cultures, he has been instrumental in developing UGP’s core values and operating principles and is passionate about building a culture that supports its people – both professionally and personally. With four sons, Mohammad spends a great deal of his time with his family, particularly his young son Amaan (age 11) who suffers with Downs Syndrome.

His experience with the illness has been instrumental in driving UGP’s approach to charitable fundraising, and accordingly, UGP’s nominated charity is the locally-based Downs Syndrome Training & Support Service, to which he has a long-standing affinity.

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