Electronic Meters

Find the display button on the front of the meter.
Press the button to go though the information.
Note down everything that is displayed.

Letters or numbers will come up on the display to show which rate the reading is for.
For example: R1 or R2, 1 or 2, L or N, Low or Normal


Single-rate electric meters

A single-rate meter has one set of numbers to refer to.
All numbers from left to right need to be taken for a meter reading.
Ignore any numbers shown in red.


Variable-rate electric meters

Economy 7 or White Meters have two displays (or the ability to switch between two different displays) with readings for daytime and night energy use. The display marked 'low' or 'night' shows how many units for off-peak electricity has been used. The display marked 'normal' or 'day' shows how many units of peak electricity has been used.
To take a reading, write down the numbers from both displays, ignoring any figures in red.
Economy 7 meters have the capacity to display two readings
Economy 10 meters have an additional display to record the electricity that is used during three different time periods instead of two.


Dial electric meters

This type of meter shows a series of clock-style dials with numbers from zero to nine. Each dial turns in the opposite direction to the dial before it.
To take a reading, start with the left dial and write down the number indicated by the pointer on each dial, moving towards the right.
If the pointer is between two numbers, record the lower of the two.
If the pointer is between nine and zero, record it as nine. Ignore any red dials.