12 Tips to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

13 January 2017

12 Tips to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient 

Energy is a business cost you have a considerable amount of control over. With some effort, cooperation from your team, and focus, you can cut energy bills significantly without impacting business operations in any way. Here are 12 ways you can make your business more energy efficient: 

  1. Switch off and/or unplug equipment - do this at the end of the day and when they are not in use. This includes things like microwaves and vending machines as well as office equipment and other equipment your business uses. 
  1. Activate sleep-modes and energy saving features wherever they are available – also, don't use screensavers, and only print when absolutely necessary. 
  1. Switch off lights in areas not currently in use - you should also consider installing motion sensors to automate when lights are switched on and off. 
  1. Turn the heating down - don't make the workplace cold for your staff, customers, and visitors, of course, but you might be able to turn the heat down while still maintaining comfort levels. For example, a one-degree reduction in temperature can save up to 10 percent on your heating bills. Also, don't open windows while the heating is on. If it gets too warm, turn the heating down. 
  1. Turn the heating off - make sure the heating doesn't run when there is nobody in. Even if you get the best business gas rates in the country, heating rooms and buildings that are unoccupied is throwing money away. 
  1. Improve the energy efficiency of your building - you can do this by getting a programmable thermostat, eliminating drafts, installing insulation, and switching to energy efficient LED lighting. There are also simple things you can do, such as ensuring radiators and other sources of heat are not blocked by furniture or other equipment. 
  1. Use as much natural light as possible - open blinds fully rather than using lights. Also, make sure windows and skylights are kept clean so they let in as much natural light as possible. 
  1. Replace old equipment - modern, energy efficient equipment will cut costs on your energy bills. Although there is an initial cost, you will save money over time. 
  1. Let employees work from home on certain days - you have to consider various business reasons when making this decision, but becoming more energy efficient is one of the factors, i.e. if there are fewer employees on the premises, you will use less energy. You can use technology to keep that employee connected and productive.

  2. Get employees on board – do this by discussing the use of energy and encouraging them to take proactive and regular steps to minimise its use. If they buy-in to what you’re doing, it will be much easier to cut energy costs.

  3. Submit regular meter readings to your supplier - this ensures bills are based on your actual usage rather than estimates.

  4. Get your boiler serviced regularly - to ensure it is running efficiently and safely.

 Most of the tips in this list will apply to all businesses and they are easy to implement. The result will be lower energy bills.




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