Building Improvements That Will Save Your Business Energy

18 January 2017

It is possible to save energy and lower your energy bills in almost every building and room in your business. This includes offices, manufacturing facilities, customer areas (shops, cafes, restaurants, etc), warehouses, specialist areas (like commercial refrigeration units), and more. Doing so may require an investment but once installed and/or completed, you will use less energy.

In addition, if you combine the ideas on this list with taking steps to ensure you get the lowest electricity and commercial gas prices available, the savings you make can be significant.

Switching to Energy Efficient Equipment

This is one of the most flexible options available as you probably operate an equipment upgrading cycle anyway, i.e. periodically purchasing new equipment to replace old and outdated equipment. To cut the use of energy in your business, make sure the replacement equipment you purchase has the best energy efficiency rating possible.

You can also approach this in a more proactive way. For example, you could replace every lightbulb currently in use with a more energy efficient option. This will cost you money now but will save you money over time.

Installing Smart Systems and Automation

One of the main reasons that businesses use more energy than they need to is people. Here are some examples:

  • Turning the heating up more than is necessary
  • Leaving a computer on over the weekend when it’s not in use
  • Leaving the lights on overnight
  • Leaving the lights on during the day when they are not needed because there is enough natural light
  • Even worse, leaving the light on in a room that is rarely used for weeks or even months
  • Leaving a door open so all the heat in the room is quickly lost

You can solve all these things through automation technology. This includes smart thermostat systems which automatically control temperatures, ideally on a zone basis. It also includes sensors that can open doors or switch on lights whenever movement is detected, and it includes timers so you don’t have to rely on people remembering to switch equipment, lights, or heating off when they are not needed.

Reducing Heat Loss

Heating loss is one of the most frustrating aspects of energy use for many business owners. You can spend time and effort trying to get the best possible business gas rates, you can invest money in energy efficient equipment, and you can allocate staff resources to lowering your day-to-date energy use. Much of this will be wasted, however, if you have to heat rooms more than necessary because heat is lost through the building.

The ways of addressing this are simple, but they require investment. Primarily, you should ensure good quality insulation is installed in your buildings and properties. This includes cavity wall and loft insulation as well as insulation around pipes and hot water tanks. If you don’t have double glazed windows, you should consider installing them too to prevent heat loss through the glass.

In addition, you should draft proof your buildings, particularly around windows and doors.

These measures will ensure you only use energy that is absolutely necessary in your business while wasting as little of that energy as possible.

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