Decisions You Can Take Now to Save on Energy Costs in the Long Term

17 February 2017

Decisions You Can Take Now to Save on Energy Costs in the Long Term

You can regularly compare business energy prices and encourage your staff to turn off equipment when it is not in use to cut your energy costs in the short term. What can you do to reduce your energy use and your bills in the long term though? Here are some ideas.

Lighting and Heating

Energy-efficient LED lights are more expensive to buy than other alternatives, but over their lifetime, you will make savings.

You can also save money by replacing your boiler with a more energy-efficient option. This is particularly helpful if the boiler you currently use is old. Even if you are on a tariff that gives you the best business gas rates available, your boiler might be wasting as much as 30 percent of the energy it uses.

Office and Business Equipment

Investing money in office and business equipment can also reduce energy use, particularly if you focus on products with good efficiency ratings.

This includes IT equipment and equipment like air conditioning units. If you use older models, you might be able to make a significant saving by replacing them with newer, energy-efficient models.

The same applies if your business uses commercial or retail refrigeration equipment. The most energy-efficient models available today use up to 20 percent less energy than older refrigeration equipment. You should, therefore, recoup the investment over time through lower energy bills.

The Building

If heat escapes unnecessarily from your buildings, you will waste money. The steps you can take to reduce heat loss include the following:

  • Install insulation.
  • Draught proof your windows and doors as well as structural joints and other areas where draughts can affect locations occupied by staff, customers, or visitors
  • Install automatic doors so heat is not lost because a door is accidentally or absentmindedly left open.
  • Using natural light instead of artificial light and using well-designed and focused lighting. Practical steps you can take to maximise the use of natural light include installing skylights, opening window blinds during the day, and keeping windows clean and clear. You can also use focused lighting so you only light areas where it is needed.

Use Technology

Another thing you can invest in now that will cut your energy bills over the long term is technology. This includes:

  • Timers – This will ensure you don’t have to rely on employees switching off lights, heating, or equipment. Timers allow you to automatically turn off anything that shouldn’t be running but that is still on after a predetermined time.
  • Thermostats – Options here include upgrading your existing thermostat to a better quality one that has more controls, installing a thermostat if you don’t have one, or getting a more sophisticated system. An example of the latter is a system that lets you heat by zone.
  • Sensors – This particularly applies to lighting. When installed, lights in a room are defaulted to off but switch on automatically when the systems senses someone in the room.

The amount of money each of these suggestions costs to implement will vary, but they will cut your long-term energy use and, therefore, your energy bills.

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