Fracking ‘one of the least green energy options’

22 January 2018

Shale gas is one of least sustainable options for producing electricity.

That’s according to a new report from The University of Manchester, which ranks nine forms of electricity generation, – fracking came in at seventh.

The other fuels considered were coal, nuclear, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, solar, wind, hydro and biomass.

Wind and solar are currently rated as the greenest options.

To become the most sustainable option, researchers say fracking would need to see a 329-fold reduction in environmental impacts and a 16-fold increase in employment.

The indicators considered include climate change impacts, environmental pollution, costs of electricity, creation of jobs and public perceptions.

The UK Government believes shale gas has the potential to provide the UK with greater energy security, growth and jobs.

Professor Adisa Azapagic from the School of Chemical Engineering & Analytical Science, said: “Many countries are considering exploitation of shale gas but its overall sustainability is disputed.”

INEOS Shale has lodged a petition for judicial review of the Scottish Government’s decision to ban fracking.

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