P272 explained

25 November 2015

P272 explained

1. WHAT IS P272?

The new P272 regulation rules require that energy suppliers use more detailed energy use data, known as half-hourly (HH) consumption data, to calculate customer's bills using advanced Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) meters. For those customers who already have AMR meters installed, these meters will be utilised and converted into fully compliant Half Hourly meters (HH) automatically. This conversion to half-hourly metering will give you the benefit of a more detailed view of your business energy costs as we retrieve your energy data from your site on a half hourly basis.

As a business energy customer you should already have had an AMR meter installed, but don't worry if you haven't, contact us on 0800 669 6697 (Opening times are Monday to Friday 9am - 5:30pm) and we'll arrange for the correct meter to be installed at your site(s).

The implementation of P272 means businesses may have better visibility of their own consumption. This means that United Gas & Power will be able to offer you new products and services, including tariffs that could offer you lower prices for using energy at a time when it is less expensive.


Your business is affected by these changes if it is defined as having a 05-08 'Maximum Demand' profile class. This is determined by the type of metering you have installed. The 'profile class' was agreed either by your business or when the electricity meter was initially installed at your premises.


If your business Electricity Contract is due for renewal before 5th November 2015, or if you have already renewed, then we will honour your existing contract terms and contact you before your next renewal date to discuss what will happen next. You do not currently have to take any action.

If you are due to renew after 5th November 2015, we will contact you before your next renewal date regarding your product and tariff options, as these may change. We will also remind you if there are any actions you will need to take, prior to the start of your new half hourly metering contract.

If you are not currently on fixed term contracted rates with us, please call us on 0800 669 6697 during the opening times Monday to Friday, 9am till 5:30pm, to discuss your options.


At United Gas & Power it is important to us that we help you to manage your energy as cost efficiently and effectively as possible for your business. To help you understand exactly what the new regulatory requirement P272 means, we have highlighted some of the key requirements you will need to consider once the changes start to take effect on 5th November 2015.

United Gas & Power can help you manage these different elements if you wish - please contact us for more information.


Most businesses now have an AMR meter installed, this will be converted remotely to a fully compliant Half Hourly(HH) meter through which we will obtain consumption readings every half hour directly. If you do not already have an AMR installed, or are unsure please

  • call us on 0800 669 6697, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:30pm
  • or email info@ugp.co.uk

and if required, United Gas & Power will arrange for the appropriate meter to be installed.


There are specific agent services which are a requirement for all half hourly customers - these include a Meter Operator Provider (MOP), a Data Aggregator (DA) and a Data Collector (DC), all of which are outlined in more detail below. All MOPs, DAs and DCs must be approved by the regulatory industry bodies before they can provide you these services. This regulatory change means that the providers for your agent services must now be approved to operate in the Half Hourly market.

As your energy supplier, you must advise us of any agent services contracts you have in place (see Existing Agent Services for more detail). If you do not have agent services in place, we will appoint a MOP, DA and DC on your behalf.

As with your current contratct, agent services will continue to be chargeable.


A Meter Operator Provider (MOP) is responsible for the installation of your meter and for servicing the meter.

United Gas & Power's default MOP is fully approved to operate in both the Half Hourly and Non-Half Hourly markets. As above, if you do not provide information to us on any current MOP contract that you have, we will appoint a MOP for you.

Please note that MOP services are chargeable and vary across providers.


A Data Collector (DC) is responsible for 'dialling' your meter, retrieving the details of the energy consumption at your premises and providing this consumption data to your energy supplier so that your energy supplier can bill you on this actual consumption.

United Gas & Power's default DC is also fully approved to operate in both the Half Hourly and Non-Half Hourly markets. If you do not advise us of any current DC contracts that you have, then United Gas & Power will appoint one for you.

Please note that DC services are chargeable and vary across providers.


A Data Aggregator (DA) is appointed by an energy supplier to take the meter information from the DC and work out the cost of the power your site has used.

Please note that DA services are chargeable and vary across providers.


We are aware that some business customers have existing arrangements in place for specific agent services:

  • If you have made separate arrangements it is important that you contact your agent service provider, so that they can confirm that they are accredited to operate in the Half Hourly market
  • If they are accredited to operate in the Half Hourly market, and you wish that they continue to provide your metering services, please contact us so that we can ensure this is continued
  • Where you confirm to us that you have an existing contract in place, we also need you to clarify that the contract that you have with your service provider includes all agent service costs
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