If You Run a Hotel, When Was the Last Time You Did a Business Electricity Comparison?

18 May 2017

If You Run a Hotel, When Was the Last Time You Did a Business Electricity Comparison?

There is now more equipment in hotels running on electricity than ever before. In addition, guests use more electricity than they used to, particularly when they use and/or charge up their devices. This all contributes to rising electricity costs, something which most hotels have been experiencing for years. That trend is set to continue.

Unlike some other businesses, you’re not in complete control of the electricity your hotel uses. After all, you can’t ask guests to watch the televisions in their rooms less or prevent them from charging up their mobile phones or laptops. You can, however, take some steps to improve energy efficiency by, for example:

  • Putting training and policies in place for your team so the running of the hotel doesn’t use more electricity than it should.
  • Making sure the building is as energy efficient as possible. In terms of electricity, this often means letting in as much natural light as possible.
  • Installing energy efficient devices and using energy efficient technologies – lights with motion sensors, for example, or low-energy photocopiers.

Aside from taking these steps, the most effective approach to reduce the cost of electricity in your hotel is to conduct a business electricity comparison and, if necessary, switch supplier.

Business Electricity Comparison

Everyone is familiar with doing price comparisons – we do it for everything from buying home insurance to booking a holiday. In fact, some of the guests in your hotel today may have booked through an online comparison and booking engine.

The process for comparing business electricity prices is similar, of course, but there are still some hotel owners and managers who don’t do it. This could be because they don’t know their contract is up for renewal so they end up on a rollover contract they can’t get out of. In other situations, there isn’t a full appreciation of how much you can save by doing a comparison and switching supplier.

To give this some perspective, just look at some of the numbers that are involved. At any one time, there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of different commercial electricity deals your hotel could avail of. The annual cost to you for electricity under these tariffs can vary considerably. In fact, it is not unusual to see prices vary by as much as 80 percent between the cheapest and most expensive tariffs available on the market.

The best advice, therefore, is to do a business electricity comparison, even if you think you are on a good deal. The savings you can make can be significant, and the process of switching supplier is usually straightforward.

Top Tips

  • Find out the details of your current rate
  • Look at how much electricity your hotel uses in a year
  • Contact a range of suppliers, including smaller suppliers, to get the widest choice possible
  • Look at the entire deal being offered, i.e. not just the total price

You may have to make some phone calls to the suppliers although you can get some quotes online. It is not a process that takes long, however, so is something you should do on a regular basis.

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