UK carbon budgets to be devolved

08 December 2017

The plan set out by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) state that the idea would give regions across the UK more specific targets and resources to deal with decarbonisation on a much more local level.

Northern areas are already ahead of the rest of the UK as a result of providing over 30% of low carbon jobs and generating almost 50% of the UK’s renewable power.

Despite this, the IPPR claim that the North is much more carbon intensive and suffers from much lower investment than the rest of the UK.

With devolved budgets, the disparity between regions would narrow and present many more low carbon opportunities country-wide, by bringing in more local knowledge and expertise.

It is believed that with further devolution, the North will continue to look toward a more efficient transport network and prioritise wind energy along with decarbonising factories and industrial emissions.

IPPR Senior Research Fellow, Laurie Laybourn-Langton stated: “More needs to be done to drive demand for low carbon goods and services and support firms in supplying them.”

“Action at the regional level is key and so we recommend regional carbon budgets so regions can take ownership of the rapid structural change needed to reach net decarbonisation by the midpoint of the century.”

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