Research shows one of the biggest expenses that companies have is business electricity prices. Finding ways to save on electricity is a vital part of helping to ensure that your business will flourish. There are many ways to save on electricity and all companies should endeavour to implement these measures. Energy saving is also one way to improve your contribution towards the preservation of the environment.

United Gas and Power has some very competitive business electricity rates that will lower your costs by as much as 35%. Every saving counts, and every penny saved can be used in a more efficient manner to help grow your business. Implementing rate cuts and energy saving cuts will go a long way towards lowering your energy bills.

If you want to make considerable savings on your business electricity prices, you’re in the right place. Contact us today.

At United Gas and Power, we are a business electricity supplier that always considers your business and your needs, and we have a wide range of tailored electricity products that will fit your business.  Our electricity consultants are very knowledgeable with regards to both the electricity market and different business needs. With their expert knowledge they will access your business requirements and offer you a package that will not only help you save on your electricity bill but will give you total control of managing your business electricity.

Our company specialises in business electricity, which is why we can offer expert advice when needed.

United Gas and Power is proud to offer:

  • A low-cost electricity supply that will suit your business needs

  • Dedicated customer support with agents that are easy to approach and highly knowledgeable, who can advise you on any aspect related to your electricity and gas.

  • A range of electricity supply products that will suit your company's budget and needs.

From the initial contact with potential clients, through our effortless quotation and registration process, you will experience quality service. With our easy to understand, transparent and accurate billing, United Gas and Power aim to provide electricity and gas giving you flexibility and total control in every aspect.

Whether you wish to purchase a standard fixed product to a flexible purchasing product, you will receive a product that is just right for your business. We also offer a levy exempt power supply that will cater for the business electricity market.

So, if you’re interested in our affordable commercial electricity rates and excellent customer service, then make sure that you get in contact with us today. 

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What our customers say

"Although our old supplier seemed to find new hoops for us to jump through, you managed to guide us through the process and bring us to a very satisfactory conclusion."

"Thank you for assisting us in switching over. You have made the process very easy for us and we have been very happy with the service we have received."

"You gave me back valuable time in my already very busy day, gave detailed information from different suppliers and made the transition in my chosen new supplier very smooth indeed."