Business Energy Suppliers for Hotels

Many hotels in the UK pay too much for their business energy because they are on the wrong contract. This usually happens because businesses don't bother to renew or don't fully check the options available.

If you run a busy hotel, this can be understandable. After all, there are significant pressures on you already without having to allocate time to investigating the current deals being offered for your gas and electricity supply.

Given the fact that many hoteliers opt for long-term contracts (some are as long as five years), it’s worth taking the time to research the market when your contract is up for renewal. Over the duration of the contract term, the savings can be significant.

Getting Started

The first step in the process of choosing a new business energy supplier is to review your current contract and recent bills. This will firstly tell you how much gas and electricity you use. It can also be useful to compare your actual bills to the original quote you received from your supplier whenever you first signed with them. A key question to ask is did you use more or less energy over the contract term than was estimated on the quote?

Researching Business Energy Suppliers

The next step is to investigate the offers available in the market. You’ll be able to do some of this online, particularly if you use one of the price comparison tools that are available. However, to get the best results you must make some phone calls.

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If you’d like to talk to us about getting the cheapest energy contracts for your hotel, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. With excellent rates, an emphasis on transparency and flexibility, and a high level of service, saving money for your hotel is made simple and easy with UGP. 

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