Business Gas and Electricity Prices for Restaurants

As a restaurant, how do you feel every month when it comes time to pay your energy bills? If you’re like most restaurant owners, you probably feel it requires more of your hard-earned money than is necessary – and you are probably right. Whether you run a traditional Chinese restaurant, a pizzeria or a catering business, gas and electricity bills are likely going to take up a large proportion of your business' outgoings, because of the nature of the work you carry out.

These gas and electricity prices will probably have an impact on your restaurant's bottom line, affecting your profits, possibly even affecting your ability to invest in other aspects of the business. As such, it’s important to ensure you’re getting a fair deal for your business gas and electricity - one that doesn’t leave you paying more than what you should for your energy bills.

But, how can you reduce the cost of your gas and electricity bills?

Reduce the Gas and Electricity You Use

In some businesses, this is easier than others. Unfortunately, it is not all that easy in a restaurant. After all, it is probably not feasible to switch off the lights in a part of the dining room that is not currently being used. There are, however, some things you can do.

  • Switch to low-energy lighting, if you haven’t done so already. Or, invest in some timers.
  • There will also be some savings you can make in regards to the electricity used by your equipment. A good example is when the restaurant is closed – all unnecessary equipment, such as office computers or extractor hoods in your kitchen, should be switched off.
  • Make sure your electric refrigerators are used efficiently, i.e. they are not opened for any longer than is necessary. Also, check the seals on the doors to ensure cool air is not escaping.

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