If you’re a business with bad credit, then it can be extremely difficult to find an energy company to take you on. Because supplying energy to businesses isn’t cheap, suppliers are aware that if you can’t pay, then it could have an impact on their business. Unlike the domestic market, energy suppliers can pick which business customers that they want, and so are free to exclusively accept businesses that they believe will be a low credit risk.

However, here at UGP, we’re different. Get in contact to find out how.

We take great pride in looking after our customers. With a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise, you will have your own dedicated account manager, designed to make sure that you get the best deal.

With a flexible and transparent contract and billing system, doing business with us is stress-free and easy. Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, you no longer have to search for an energy supplier who will deal with a business with bad credit.

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What our customers say

"UGP saved us £4,500 on our previous supplier. We secured a 3-year contract with them as the service they offer is far better than anyone else. Our Account Manager is very patient, pleasant and not at all pushy. We strongly recommend UGP to all charities."

"UGP was so helpful in switching over our accounts, also saving us money. Our Account Manager took all the stress away by dealing with the entire process, keeping us updated throughout. They are such a refreshing change from other companies I’ve dealt with and always available if I have any queries."

"UGP’s excellent account management and customer services enables us to deal with our clients queries and issues as quickly as possible. This high level of customer care means that I can meet the varied needs of my clients across a diverse portfolio."