Commercial electricity prices for launderettes and dry cleaners

Electricity is essential in your laundrette for running the washing machines, dryers, and, of course, the lights. It is, therefore, important you choose the best electricity supplier as this might save your dry cleaners considerable amounts of money each year. When you combine this with implementing energy saving measures, you will reduce the cost of electricity to a minimum.

Types of Electricity Rates

Many laundrettes in the UK are on fixed term contracts with a fixed rate. This means the price is locked for the duration of the contract making it easier to budget and reducing your risk of rising prices.

The other main type of contract you might be on is a rollover contract. This is a type of contract that kicks in whenever a fixed term contract ends. Your business energy supplier will write to you in the months before your contract ends to give you the terms of your new deal – the rollover deal. Usually, the price you pay will go up. You can agree to this, terminate, or do nothing:

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