United Gas & Power invites you to join our customers, who are taking control of their energy usage by upgrading their meters to AMR, Half Hourly or from 2020, our full SMETS2 Smart Meters. This technology will make it easy for you to take control of your billing by allowing you to monitor the electricity you use.  

Upgrading your meter will give you total control over your electricity usage and bills. Because the meter is connected to your utility company and is designed to give a reading regularly, ensuring an accurate bill every time. No longer will you have to put up with interim readings that can be wrong, leading to higher priced bills.

You can choose how you wish to have your electricity usage recorded, should you choose to upgrade. The options available are recordings every half hour with our Half-Hourly Meters, monthly with our AMR Meters, or from 2020 with our new smart meters, you have even more options - this will give you the level of control you need to reduce costs and contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Key features of upgrading your meter:

  • The readings are accurately recorded and collected remotely, you don’t need to take the readings and phone them through, it is all done via a mobile 
    communication link.
  • Billing is accurate and any errors are eliminated.
  • All the guess work is removed, and you can budget for your monthly payments in advance, and complaints about wrong billing are also eliminated.
  • There is no additional cost for having this type of meter, and unless you change, we will remain your supplier.

For more information about any of our meter upgrade offers please feel free to consult with one of our professional agents who will gladly assist you with any questions. 

This offer is subject to availability and is also covered by the standard terms and conditions related to installation and supply. This offer is only available through United Gas & Power and is subject to the contractual acceptance. This offer is limited to and restricted to sites that are non-domestic and that consume electricity for commercial purposes.

United Gas & Power will install your meter free of charge, giving you total control of your electricity usage and billing. 

The installation will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Our installers are all specialists who are handpicked for their reliability, honesty and integrity.

United Gas & Power will aim to ensure that your billing is completely accurate, eliminating the stress of not knowing how much your electricity bill will be at the end of the month. Instead, you will be able to check on your usage regularly and identify any areas that are higher, so you can look at how to cut back in ways it would best suit you and your business.  Let United Gas & Power help you to be in total control.

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What our customers say

"UGP saved us £4,500 on our previous supplier. We secured a 3-year contract with them as the service they offer is far better than anyone else. Our Account Manager is very patient, pleasant and not at all pushy. We strongly recommend UGP to all charities."

"UGP was so helpful in switching over our accounts, also saving us money. Our Account Manager took all the stress away by dealing with the entire process, keeping us updated throughout. They are such a refreshing change from other companies I’ve dealt with and always available if I have any queries."

"UGP’s excellent account management and customer services enables us to deal with our clients queries and issues as quickly as possible. This high level of customer care means that I can meet the varied needs of my clients across a diverse portfolio."