All our brokers are provided with a dedicated broker manager to ensure that we can provide a quality service for you and your brokerage. In addition, we also have an attractive commission structure which, together with our pricing book, ensures that we always remain highly competitive.

The UGP broker manager that is assigned to you will be a dedicated point of contact. This is for your team to be able to resolve issues, retrieve pricing, resolve queries about contracting or to just seek advice on any issues at any time. United Gas & Power understand how frustrating it is to face brokers when having to deal with suppliers. At UGP we do everything in our power to ensure that the brokers that work with us will have a fantastic experience in all our dealings.

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United Gas & Power Customer Benefits

United Gas & Power is a UK based company that offers some very competitive low-price packages for gas and electricity. Everyone needs to save on overheads, and for a business one of the most cost-effective saving methods can be made with your gas and electricity supply. Many companies don't even know there are savings to be made on their utility bills, and as a result they continue to pay premium rates for the same products and services they could be receiving at a reduced rate.

Reasons to choose us:

  • A range of quality products that will help control your electricity usage and cut your power bills.
  • Free smart meter supplied to you.
  • Simple billing platform 
  • Monitoring of usage in different areas will give you accurate recordings to find out where you need to cut back when over-usage is recorded.
  • A team of expert managers to help with your account.
  • Ongoing dedicated customer service
  • Low prices
  • UK based customer services
  • Dedicated account management team

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