Siemens wins Tritton Knoll wind turbine contract

UGP reports Siemens wins Tritton Knoll wind turbine contract

The windfarm at sea 32km off the Lincolnshire coast will power 800,000 UK homes

Engineering giant Siemens is to design, supply and build the kit that will allow electricity to be sent from the Triton Knoll offshore windfarm to the National Grid via cables beneath the sea and the Lincolnshire countryside.

Siemens Energy Management is to create an onshore substation at Bicker Fen and offshore transformer equipment for Innogy's 90 turbine windfarm, situated 32km off the Lincolnshire coast.

Once fully operational by 2022, Triton Knoll will be capable of providing clean and sustainable energy to at least 800,000 UK homes.

Electricity generated by offshore wind turbines in the North Sea will be collected by substation platforms at sea and transformed to a suitable voltage before it is sent along cables on the seabed to land north of Anderby Creek.

From there, power will be sent along 40 miles of underground cabling to the new four-acre substation at Bicker Fen.

Carl Ennis, managing director for Siemens Energy Management, said: "This is an important project to deliver clean, green energy to UK homes and businesses and we’re delighted to be a partner.

"We have a strong track record in delivering grid access projects and look forward to implementing our market-leading technology at Triton Knoll."

Innogy’s Triton Knoll project director, Julian Garnsey, added: “I’m really pleased to have such an experienced company on board.

"Siemens share our goal to use our investments to the benefit of UK businesses and suppliers and their involvement represents a very real opportunity for competitive regional and UK companies to benefit from our project.

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